Half Europe, half Asia—utterly fascinating. Istanbul arrives as the 30th city on our expanding mobile app. From historic bakeries and epic works of architecture to inventive gastro hotspots and the finest in handmade wares, the LOST iN Istanbul mobile guide is ready to take you exactly where you need to be. In this storied city of 15 million, calling it convenient is quite the understatement. 

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As for what you can expect to find within...

Kulak Ceramic

It’s the tiny imperfections that make the entirely hand-crafted ceramics of Zeynep Saraçoğlu undeniably unique. The peaceful earthy tones of Kulak Ceramic’s fully equipped kitchen sets are somehow unaffected by Istanbul’s chaotic urbanity, beautiful in their natural simplicity. Saraçoğlu also has her atelier in the shop, so that buying her ceramics is accompanied by a small peek into the minute production process itself.

Smelt & Co

One day a Turkish chef, who used to work at Noma Copenhagen, and his partner decided that the endearingly dilapidated historic Balat neighborhood was the perfect place to open a tiny modern bistro. And so Smelt & Co. was born with its homemade kombucha mixes and cocktails and experimental dishes like artichoke tangine or minced salmon and Swiss chard quiche.